Our Mission

Futurize Peroxide

We are a global team of peroxide experts, driven by enthusiasm, dedicated to create resource efficient specialty oxidant solutions, ready for tomorrow. 

Evonik is the innovative leader in high quality hydrogen peroxide and services, offering more than a century of worldwide experience and a range of world-class products that deliver exceptional value for customers. 
Our mission is to futurize peroxide and to challenge the status quo of existing applications. By understanding current and future needs we develop new solutions, set new standards, shaping megatrends of tomorrow and making the world a better place. 

As a global team we are the peroxide experts. 

We live our core values of customer proximity, trust and reliability and focus on resource efficiency. We will always go the  the extramile for our customers to provide hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid with the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology. 

A global team of peroxide experts -        Our global footprint 

Evonik operates production facilities at 13 locations across the world to ensure excellence in logistics and the highest degree of delivery security for our customers. 

Products and solutions

As a trusted and reliable partner of the industry, we offer a broad portfolio of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid for a wide range of applications. 

Customer proximity

We meet customers face-to-face and deliver fast, tangible and up-to-date solutions. We are at your disposal.


As an innovative leader in quality and technology, we continuously improve our production processes and develop new solutions for the market.

Focus on sustainability & Resource Efficiency

Our core business is to continuously create and improve resource-efficient solutions for our customers.


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