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Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid belong to the cleanest, most versatile chemicals available. Due to their beneficial properties, they are used in a broad variety of application areas. 

Aeronautics & Space

High concentrated, high purity hydrogen peroxide is used as a propellant e.g. in aeronautics and space rockets. 


Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid are used as disinfectants and slimicides in agricultural applications. 


Hydrogen peroxide as a sustainable and effective bath treatment against sea lice infestation.

Aseptic Packaging

In the aseptic packaging of foods, hydrogen peroxide is used as sterilizing agent. 

Chemical Synthesis

As a powerful and environmentally benign oxidizing agent, hydrogen peroxide has found many uses in the chemical industry.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Hydrogen peroxide is used in cosmetics and personal care products as an antimicrobial agent and as an oxidizing agent.  


Hydrogen peroxide is used for the pickling of metal surfaces as well as for the cleaning of silicon discs in the production of printed circuit boards.

Environmental Applications

Hydrogen peroxide’s unique chemical properties as well as its ecological friendliness are utilized in a variety of environmental applications.

Food Processing & Fiber Bleaching

Due to its remarkable chemical properties and biological degradability, hydrogen peroxide is often utilized in food processing applications.

Fruit & Vegetable Processing

Fruits and vegetables are critical foods necessary to maintain healthy diets. Their freshness, safe harvest, processing, and transit from field to the dinner table is boosted by having a chlorine-free microbial control agent.

Poultry Processing

Your food safety first. And second. And third. With 150 years of experience our poultry team delivers confidence and results and is the industry leader in the field of poultry interventions and related processing technologies.

Red Meat Processing

Some argue that a well-prepared steak requires no accompaniment. While we think your condiment choice is up to you, we know that bacteria has no place on the plate, or anywhere in red meat’s journey from the pasture to the plate.

Pharmaceuticals & Health Care

Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid are used as oxidizing agents, sterilants and disinfectants.


Hydrogen peroxide is used as oxidation agent and oxygen source in various metallurgical process steps.

Pulp & Paper

In the pulp & paper industry hydrogen peroxide is applied as a versatile bleaching agent.

Textile & Laundry

Hydrogen peroxide is the bleaching agent for the treatment of natural and synthetic fibers. 

Oil & Gas

Peracetic acid is utilized during drilling, fracturing, productivity enhancement, and secondary recovery as a biocide and oxidizer.

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