Aeronautics and Space

Evonik is a leading supplier of high-concentration hydrogen peroxide specially designed for propulsion applications and sold under the trademark PROPULSE®.

PROPULSE® - Our system solutions for the aeronautics industry

Hydrogen peroxide manufactured by Evonik has been used as an oxidizer for operation of turbo pumps in the fuel pumps of the Soyuz launch rocket for many years. Today, PROPULSE® is also used as direct fuel supporting the next generation of launch vehicles for the small satellite market. The powerful product is not just easy to handle and readily available, but also environmentally friendly, making it a future-proof pioneer for green rocketry. Unlike other common fuels, it is not carcinogenic.

Evonik has a long track record in the production of high test peroxide grades specifically designed for aeronautic applications. These products are marketed under the trademark PROPULSE® and supplied to customers globally.

PROPULSE® is more than hydrogen peroxide – namely a package of solutions for launchers, upper stages and sounding rockets providing additional value to our customers:

  • High specific impulse and high average density compared to other liquid oxidizers
  • Green propellant properties
  • Global availability in industrial quantities
  • Simple and safe handling compared to other liquid oxidizers
  • Experienced technical support

Evonik’s success is first and foremost the success of our customers. Close communication is essential in understanding customers’ needs and leads to providing the best and most solution-oriented support. We are always open minded when proposing solutions to our customers´ most challenging needs.

So, when will you lift off with PROPULSE®?


PROPULSE® grades are available in different concentrations ranging from 82.5% and up to 98% hydrogen peroxide. All our grades have a purity of 99.99%.


Depending on the customer, grade, region and additional requirements, shipments of PROPULSE® can be delivered in a variety of small to large packaging’s. For consumers of larger quantities, the installation of a storage tank is recommended.