Disinfectant and slimicide


Evonik supplies hydrogen peroxide as well as peracetic acid grades specifically developed for agricultural applications, such as drip irrigation or animal hygiene

  • Washing water for potatoes
  • Washing water for fruits
  • Irrigation water (surface, rain and  spring water) 
  • Greenhouses and other  horticulture purposes

Disinfectant and slimicide

Today, a highly efficient agriculture  plays an important role due to increasing demand of a growing population. In open fields
The concentration of peracetic acid  depends on the specific requirements in the respective application. It is advisable to adapt the concentration  on the basis of corresponding microbiological tests. The product is suited to kill harmful organisms suc

Veterinary hygiene

PERACLEAN® products are concentrated  peracetic acid formulations with a broad spectrum of efficacy against virus, bacteria, fu