peracetic acid biocides for disinfection in agriculture applications

Plant and Animal Health


Evonik supplies peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide grades specifically developed for agricultural applications, such as disinfection of drip irrigation systems and animal housing, treatment of washing water in food processing and pathogens in water systems, as well as sustainable aquaculture solutions.

peracetic acid for animal health in stables

Animal Hygiene

Hygienic conditions in animal housing and within the logistical network contribute to animal health by controlling diseases caused by viral, parasitic, and bacterial infections. Our hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid-based biocides are ideal for disinfecting, e.g., floors, feed, bedding, and stables.

hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid for sustainable aquaculture solutions


We offer smart aquaculture solutions based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid for healthy fish and seafood in the face of increasing global demand. In addition to water quality management through the control of pathogens, peroxides are also used for disinfection of aquaculture processing equipment.

Drip irrigation 

Peroxides succesfully remove slime and algae from drip irrigation systems. Regular addition to irrigation water prevents the growth of biofilm in pipes and lines, reducing blockage and extending the lifespan of nozzles. In addition, oxygen produced by peroxides' decomposition to hydrogen peroxide further helps in oxygenating the plants' roots.

peracetic acid for disinfection of water systems

Treatment of water systems

Water systems can be breeding grounds for biofilm and bacteria. Sanitizing cleans the system and eliminates bacterial growth. Thermal fogging is the preferred procedure to disinfect buildings, animal housings, and inside areas that are difficult to access. It requires special fogging equipment.

Veterinary hygiene

We offer concentrated peracetic acid formulations with a broad spectrum of efficacy against virus, bacteria, fungi, and spores for veterinary facilities. They are highly effective in very low concentrations even at low temperatures or in the presence of organic impurities. Applications include surface and equipment disinfection, treatment of water supply systems and thermal fogging.

peracetic acid for the disinfection of washing water for fruits and vegetables

Washing Water in post-harvesting

Peracetic acid as a biocide is especially suitable for the disinfection of washing water in post-harvesting processes of fruits and vegetables. This not only ensures longer shelf life, biosecurity, and healthier food from the field, but also reduces crop damage without leaving harmful residues in the food chain.

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