peroxides for sustainable aquaculture solutions and fish farming
Sustainable peroxide aquaculture solutions


Sustainable peroxide aquaculture solutions 

Evonik supplies sustainable peroxide aquaculture solutions based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid for disease control in fish, seafood and shrimp farming. Peracetic acid is a biocide and ensures environmentally friendly disinfection of processing equipment in aquaculture and fish farming as well.

The use of peroxides for healthier aquaculture and fish farming

A major challenge in aquaculture and fish farming is the control of diseases and parasites. Diseases include parasites such as sea lice in salmon, saprolegniasis in salmon eggs and fry in hatcheries. This brings great losses of aquatic animals, whose demand is constantly increasing in the face of a growing population.

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing sectors in the food industry. We are meeting the growing demand for healthy edible fish and seafood with sustainable prophylaxis using peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which do not pollute water or animals.

Sustainable peroxide aquaculture solutions have significant potential to meet the food and feed demands of a growing world population. Yet successful and environmentally friendly fish, seafood and shrimp farming present a range of challenges — from animal health and nutrition to responsible water use and clean processing and packaging.

Discover our peroxide solutions for the aquaculture and fish farming industry

ASPERIX® Vet is an effective and sustainable disease treatment solution against sea lice infestation in fish farming. The high purity special hydrogen peroxide grade for sea lice control is produced according to GMP standards for the fish farming industry.

ASPERIX® Vet is a prescription, licensed veterinary drug. It provides immediate results after sea lice treatment without waiting time, so that the fish can be harvested shortly afterwards. There is no chemical accumulation in the food chain. After processing, the hydrogen peroxide decomposes into the harmless substances water and oxygen, which means that it does not disturb the ecological balance and is therefore harmless to water and its aquatic life.

VIGOROX® provides peracetic acid disinfection for aquaculture and seafood processing equipment. Peracetic acid is a highly effective biocide capable of treating a wide range of pathogens that can occur in recirculating aquaculture systems and on processing equipment. Peracetic acid rapidly breaks down to water, oxygen, and vinegar, thus leaving very little impact on the environment.

AQUAVI® Pro-Pond


Evonik is constantly developing peroxide applications and products for aquaculture and fish farming

Whether through water treatment for fresh and clean water, oxygenation, animal health, or special disinfection and disease control, Evonik Active Oxygens is continuously exploring customized peroxide solutions for fish, shrimp and seafood farmers with aquaculture applications. The use of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid products create value for fish and seafood producers by improving growth conditions, seafood and fish health in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Reduction of the CO2 footprint through sustainable aquaculture and fish farming with hydrogen peroxide

Sustainable peroxide aquaculture and fish farming solutions help reduce the CO2 footprint.

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