soil and groundwater remediation

Hydrogen peroxide and persulfates

Ecological stability by soil remediation

As a sustainable and effective oxidation agent hydrogen peroxide can be used for the elimination of contaminants in groundwater and the in-situ bioremediation of the soil. Our high quality persulfates are suitable for proven chemical oxidation, chemical reduction, metal treatment and bioremediation technologies, enabling the rapid and cost-effective removal of a wide range of heavy metals and organic compounds.

Persulfates and peroxides for a cleaner soil

Industrial, agricultural and urban pollution have resulted in harmful soil contamination. Hydrogen peroxide is useful for mitigating these problems.

In the treatment of soils, hydrogen peroxide can be used in different ways. The combination of hydrogen peroxide and small amounts of iron salt catalysts from the soil itself or added separately, produces highly reactive hydroxyl radicals that degrade even very stable organic compounds (Fenton´s reaction). Oxidizing treatments with systems using ozone/hydrogen peroxide (O3/H2O2) or hydrogen peroxide/UV (H2O2/UV) are well adapted to the elimination of organic pollutants present in groundwater (aromatic compounds, chlorinated organics).

Furthermore, hydrogen peroxide can be used as a source of oxygen for in-situ bioremediation of the soil, in particular for the elimination of hydrocarbons.

Our portfolio of field-proven products and technologies covers soil and groundwater remediation for both in-situ and ex-situ applications. Chemical oxidation, chemical reduction, metal and bioremediation technologies can be used to remove a wide range of heavy metals and organic compounds quickly and cost-effectively. Globally, thousands of sites with impacted soils, sediments, groundwater and industrial process wastes have been sucessfully treated with Evonik persulfates for 20 years.

soil and groundwater remediation technologies

Portfolio of Proven Technologies

We offer ISCO, ISCR, metal stabilization and bioremediation technologies based on proven science and decades of results. We treat a wide range of contaminants. Our persulfates are suitable for a variety of application methods, including fixed wells, direct push, pneumatic and hydraulic fracturing, soil mixing and more.

soil and groundwater remediation laboratory services

Laboratory Services and Equipment Rentals

In a state-of-the-art environmental laboratory, we focus on research and development and studies for soil and groundwater treatment. We have quantitative field test kits specifically designed for soil and groundwater applications, as well as the equipment and expertise to mix and process products.

soil and groundwater remediation experienced technical support

Experienced technical support

A team of experienced environmental professionals, including PEs, Ph.D. scientists, and recognized experts in chemistry, microbiology, geology, and field applications, will estimate your product needs and assist you with planning and remediation activities, including on-site. Based on the application, we will evaluate your data at no charge.

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