Red Meat Processing

Some argue that a well-prepared steak requires no accompaniment. While we think your condiment choice is up to you, we know that bacteria has no place on the plate, or anywhere in red meat’s journey from the pasture to the plate.

Red meat processing demands reliable products backed with superior technical expertise – the complete package that offers a safe, economical, low-capital approach to reduce pathogenic bacteria and limit product spoilage or decay. PeroxyChem offers environmentally friendly red meat processing chemistries that can be applied directly to carcasses, parts, and organs to reduce contamination from pathogenic bacteria and are permitted for use in the processing of organic red meat.

Products and Solutions

BLITZ™ is a peracetic acid-based antimicrobial agent for use in red meat applications. It can be applied directly to red meat carcasses, parts and organs to effectively reduce contamination of pathogenic bacteria, Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium and Listeria monocytogenes as well as other bacteria that may result in product spoilage or decay.

SYNTRX® 3300 is a citric acid based patent pending processing aid used for both beef and pork applications. Application is made through both spray and dip to treat hides, carcasses, larger primal cuts, sub-primals, prepackaged meat (case ready), and value-added cuts and products including ground meat.

SYNTRX® 3300 RTU is a patent pending “ready-to-use” solution of SYNTRX® 3300 that can be applied directly to red meat, pork and wild game. No additional dilution is required. It is citric acid based.

SYNTRX® AL Plus is a patented acidified lactic acid blend approved for use as an antimicrobial agent for both raw and ready-to-eat beef products.

FRESH FX® LP is a blend of three food grade acids that is used in meat and poultry facilities for On-Line Reprocessing (OLR), as a processing aid and as an acidifier. It is approved for use by both the FDA and USDA in a wide variety of applications, including process waters, chillers and OLR systems.