Environmentally benign scale inhibitor and dispersing agent 

Excellent Dispersing


Environmentally benign scale inhibitor and dispersing agent: Evonik offers a wide portfolio of water soluble polyacrylic acid products classified under the tradename DEGAPAS®. DEGAPAS®is an aqueous polymersolution with excellent dispersing properties.

DEGAPAS® is free of nitrogen and phosphorous. Due to its anionic nature and polymer structure it is capable of interrupting inorganic crystal growth and thus is a perfect antiscalant and dispersants. It is optimized to prevent formations of scalants based on calcium-, magnesium-, iron- and/or manganese salts.

Scale formation and deposits can be detrimental to water bearing systems, heat exchanger or boiler systems resulting of poor heat transmission and subsequently bad economics.

Very small amounts of DEGAPAS® can prevent scaling and improve the economics significantly.

DEGAPAS® is ideally suited to substitute phosphorus containing products when required by legal regulations. DEGAPAS® has been used by customers over decades with complete satisfaction.

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