drip irrigation with hydrogen peroxide


Disinfectant and slimicide

Evonik supplies hydrogen peroxide as well as peracetic acid grades specifically developed for agricultural applications, such as drip irrigation or animal hygiene

Disinfectant and slimicide


Today, a highly efficient agriculture  plays an important role due to increasing demand of a growing population. In open fields, there is a trend from traditional flood irrigation  to more efficient drip irrigation. A major issue in drip irrigation is the clogging of tubes and emitters due  to biofilm formation. In greenhouses, besides the drip irrigation system, there is an additional need to fight pathogens which can be found on any surface. Also, it has been shown that disinfection of fruits or vegetables can extend their shelf life. 

Solutions of peracetic acid have  been proved to be a highly effective  and environmentally friendly biocide in agriculture. Pulse cleaning of drip lines in the absence of plants, disinfection of tools, tables and containers as well as washing of harvested goods with peracetic acid are typical examples of the broad range of possible applications. 

The main applications are:

  • Washing water for potatoes

  • Washing water for fruits

  • Irrigation water (surface, rain and  spring water) 

  • Greenhouses and other  horticulture purposes

The concentration of peracetic acid  depends on the specific requirements in the respective application. 
It is advisable to adapt the concentration  on the basis of corresponding microbiological tests. The product is suited to kill harmful organisms such as Soft Rot (Erwinia Carotovora) and Brown Rot (Ralstonia Solanacearum). After disinfection peracetic acid decomposes into ecologically harmless residues such as water, oxygen and acetic acid.

Veterinary hygiene


PERACLEAN® products are concentrated  peracetic acid formulations with a broad spectrum of efficacy against virus, bacteria, fungi and spores. They are highly effective in very low concentrations even at low temperatures and/or in presence of organic impurities. Applications 
include general surface and equipment  disinfection, treatment of water supply systems and thermal fogging. 

In surface disinfection the surfaces  are cleaned and disinfected to avoid diseases in livestock. 

The product is applied by mechanical  sprayers or pressure washers. Water systems very often contain bacteria. Sanitizing cleans the system and eliminates growth of bacteria.

Thermal fogging is the preferred  procedure to disinfect buildings, animal housings and inside areas that are difficult to access. It requires special fogging equipment.

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