Dispersions and Persalts

long-term stability with high quality products

Evonik offers a broad portfolio of water-soluble polyacrylic acid products grouped under the brand name DEGAPAS®, an aqueous polymer solution with excellent dispersing properties. In addition, we not only offer the whole range of persalts but are constantly developing up-todate ingredients to meet the needs of customers in the detergent industry. 

benign scale inhibitor and dispersing agent

Benign scale inhibitors and dispersions

Our DEGAPAS® products are aqueous polymer solutions with excellent dispersing properties. DEGAPAS® is idealy suited to substitute phosphorus containing products when required by legal regulations.

persalts as bleaching agents

Persalts (by Evonik Treibacher)

We offer the full range of persalts as bleaching components for detergent and dishwashing formulations.