Hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, persulfates

Markets and Industries

Hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, and persulfates are among the most sustainable and most versatile chemicals available. Due to their strong oxidizing, cleaning, bleaching, and antimicrobial effects, they are used in a wide range of markets and industries - from electronics, agriculture, and food to personal care, cleaning, and environment. Find out more about the wide range of applications!


Highly concentrated, high purity hydrogen peroxide is used as a green rocket fuel in the aerospace industry. High test peroxide (HTP) is used as an oxidizing agent for turbo pumps in the propellant pumps of launch rockets or as a direct propellant for smaller rockets and launch vehicles.


In agriculture, peracetic acid as a biocide is used to ensure hygienic conditions and biosecurity in animal housing and aquaculture, as well as in drip irrigation systems and ensures the disinfection of washing water in post-harvesting processes.

hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and persulfates for chemical synthesis

Chemical Industry

Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid serve as powerful and sustainable oxidizing agents for chemical synthesis. Evonik also offers its innovative HP+ technologies HPPO and HPPG for the chemical industry.

peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide for cleaning and sanitization

Cleaning and Sanitation

Peracetic acid-based biocides and hydrogen peroxide have a strong antibacterial and antimicrobial effect and are used for cleaning and disinfection in private, industrial, institutional, and medical facilities.

hydrogen peroxide and persulfates for cosmetics and Personal Care

Cosmetics and Personal Care

High purity and cosmetic grade hydrogen peroxide is not only used in hair care, bleaching, and coloring products but also for oral care and teeth whitening. Our persulfates and food grade calcium peroxide can also be used for these applications. 

hydrogen peroxide and persulfates in electronics


Our specialty H2O2 grades meet the stringent purity and stability requirements of the electronics industry. They serve as an oxidizing agent for critical wafer cleaning and surface conditioning in transistor or copper formation. As an etchant, they are used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. In the production of solar panels and in battery recycling, they drive sustainable technologies. 

hydrogen peroxide as oxidizing agents in mining

Energy and Mining

The oil, gas, and mining industries rely on our peroxides as strong oxidizing agents and as disinfectants in water and effluent treatment. Our global production network ensures supply security to our customer's remote mines and fracturing sites.

active oxygens and persulfates for clean water and air and soil and groundwater remediation

Environment and Water

Environmentally friendly peroxides are increasingly replacing chlorination in water and wastewater treatment. They are also used for air purification, in recycling processes, or for the removal of pollutants from soils and groundwater.

Food and Beverage

Biocides based on peracetic acid are used for disinfection in the food industry - in industrial cleaning of food contact surfaces and beverage plant equipment. They effectively act against various pathogens and therefore ensure food safety, food freshness, and a longer shelf life.

active oxygens for pharmaceuticals and health care and peracetic acid for disinfection against the coronavirus

Pharma and Healthcare

Our hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid special grades are used for decontamination of medical devices, surfaces, and rooms, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients for human use and pharmaceutical excipients. 

hydrogen peroxides and persulfates in the pulp and paper industry

Pulp Production

Peroxides are applied as a versatile bleaching agent for chemical pulp and mechanical pulp. In paper recycling, our products are used for printing ink removal, bleaching of de-inked pulp, and water treatment in paper mills.

Hydrogen peroxide keeps fish healthy in aquaculture, ensures aseptic beverage packaging and foodstuffs, and serves as an environmentally friendly propellant in aerospace applications. In semiconductor and electronics manufacturing applications it used as an effective oxidizing agent. 

Peracetic acid is used, for example, prophylactically to disinfect surfaces from the corona virus or as a strong oxidizing agent for chemical synthesis. 

Our persulfates are of the highest quality and serve as oxidation and bleaching agents in hair colorants, in galvanization and coating processes, in paper recycling or as polymerization initiators in polymer chemistry and as microetching agents for printed circuit board substrates. In soil and groundwater remediation, they are used to remove contaminants such as heavy metals and organic compounds. 

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