Application areas 

Hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, and persulfates

Strong disinfectants, bleaches, etchers, propellants and contaminant removers 

Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid are among the cleanest, the most sustainable and most versatile chemicals available. Due to their strong oxidation, cleaning and antibacterial and antiviral power, they are used in a broad variety of markets and application areas. Our persulfates are of the highest quality and serve as oxidation and bleaching agents in hair dyes, chemical synthesis, plating and coating processes, paper recycling or as polymerization initiators in polymer chemistry and micro etchers of printed circuit board substrates.

active oxygens for cleaning and sanitization

Cleaning and Sanitization

Peracetic acid-based biocides and hydrogen peroxide have a strong antibacterial and antimicrobial effect and are used for cleaning and disinfection in private, industrial, institutional and medical areas.

active oxygens for aerospace applications


Highly concentrated, high-purity hydrogen peroxide is used as a rocket fuel and as an oxidizer for turbo pumps in propellant pumps.

active oxygens for aquaculture


Hydrogen peroxide is applied as a sustainable and effective bath treatment against sea lice infestation in fish farming. Peracetic acid treats a wide range of pathogens that can appear in aquaculture circuits and processing facilities.

active oxygens for aseptic packaging

Aseptic Packaging

In aseptic food packaging, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid offer an excellent sterility assurance level that meet the safety needs for food and beverage packaging materials.

hydrogen peroxide for chemical synthesis

Chemical Synthesis

Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid serve as powerful and sutainable oxidizing agents for chemical synthesis. Persulfates are used as oxidizing agents in the production of ketones, aldehydes, quinones, carboxylic acids, and several other compounds. 

active oxygens for cosmetics and Personal Care

Cosmetics and Personal Care

High purity and cosmetic grade hydrogen peroxide is used as antibacterial agent in cosmetic creams and emulsions or to improve teeth whitening. Persulfates are ideal oxidizing agents for hair coloring and bleaching. Food grade calcium peroxide is used for teeth bleaching. 

active oxygens and persulfates for electronics


Hydrogen peroxide is used for the pickling of metal surfaces as well as for the cleaning of silicon discs in the production of printed circuit boards. The oxidation power of persulfates allows ideal cleaning and microetching of a wide variety of printed circuit board substrates. 

active oxygens and persulfates for clean water and air and soil remediation

Environmental Applications

Peroxides act as oxidizing agents in water and wastewater treatment processes and in air pollution control. Hydrogen peroxide and persulfates are used to remove contaminants from soil and groundwater.

active oxygens for fruit and vegetable processing

Fruit and Vegetable Processing

Biocides based on peracetic acid are used for disinfection in the food industry, in water systems and in institutional and industrial cleaning of food contact surfaces and beverage plant equipment. They act against pathogens like staphyloccusE.coli, salmonella, and listeria.

hydrogen peroxide as oxidizing agents in mining


In the mining industry, hydrogen peroxide is used as an oxidizer that removes the remaining cyanides from waste streams. In gold mining, it promotes deeper leaching. To achieve economic uranium recovery, oxidation with hydrogen peroxide to the much more soluble hexavalent state is of great importance. 

active oxygens for pharmaceuticals and health care

Pharmaceuticals and Health Care

Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid are used for dental and wound disinfection, hand and surface disinfection, decontamination of medical instruments, as a chemisterilizing agent, for the treatment of contact lenses and as active pharmaceutical ingredients.

active oxygens for poultry processing

Poultry Processing

Peracetic acid reduces pathogens such as Salmonella, Campylobacter and E.coli in poultry parts, carcasses and organs, raw and ready-to-eat products and is effective against bacterial contamination in poultry processing waters.

active oxygens oil and gas

Oil and Gas

Peracetic acid is applied during drilling, fracturing, productivity enhancement, and secondary recovery as a biocide and oxidizer. Persulfates are used as viscosity breakers for hydraulic fracturing.

active oxygens pulp and paper

Pulp and Paper

Hydrogen peroxide is applied as a versatile bleaching agent for chemical pulp and mechanical pulp bleaching. Persulfate salts are used to oxidize the wet strength resin in an environmentally friendly manner for the reprocessing of broke or off-spec paper.

active oxyens for bleaching and disinfection of textile and laundry

Textile and Laundry

Hydrogen peroxide is the bleaching agent for the treatment of natural and synthetic fibers. Peracetic acid is used for chemothermal disinfection of laundry.