Bleaching and antimicrobial agent 

Cosmetics and Personal Care 

Evonik supplies high-purity, hydrogen peroxide specifically designed to meet the high quality requirements of the cosmetic as well as personal care industry. 

Hydrogen peroxide is used in cosmetics and personal care products as an antimicrobial agent and as an oxidizing agent. It is used, for example, to form dyestuffs during oxidative hair dyeing or to oxygenate stains on teeth to increase whiteness.

In hair coloring the bleaching properties of hydrogen peroxide are used to lighten the hair, which is achieved through oxidative elimination of the brown-black melanins (the principal human hair pigments). Depending on the desired final color shade different bleaching is necessary. During permanent hair waving, moieties of the amino acid cystein are reduced with mercaptanes, resulting in destruction of the disulfide bonds. After such a treatment the reduced hair is curled and brought into the desired form. To fix the new form mild oxidation by hydrogen peroxide is used.

Hydrogen peroxide as well as carbamide peroxide (urea hydrogen peroxide complex) are the primary bleaching components in tooth whitening products like pastes or gels.

Evonik offers its high-purity, hydrogen peroxide grade PERSYNT® optimized for the cosmetic and personal care industry.

PERSYNT® Super D Hydrogen Peroxide is stabilized for those customers who prepare dilute hydrogen peroxide solutions requiring a long shelf life. When diluted to a 3% concentration with high quality de-ionized water, the dilution meets U.S. Pharmacopeia monograph specifications for topical solutions.

This product also is excellent for preparation of home laundry bleach formulations and industrial and institutional applications. When used in cosmetic creams, emulsions or laundry bleaches, the product should be tested for compatibility with hydrogen peroxide.