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Whether used as antimicrobial and antibacterial agents for municipal wastewater treatment, chemical synthesis, aseptic packaging, poultry processing, cleaning and disinfection, the textile and laundry industries, or aquaculture, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid produce no potentially toxic byproducts. Our persulfates help clean and restore contaminated groundwater and soils and are used in a wide range of oxidation and polymerization processes with great benefit.

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Innovative HPPO Technology

Would you like to learn more about the advantages offered by the HPPO process? Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used as an oxidizing agent to oxidize propylene to propylene oxide whereby only water is produced as a byproduct.

Persulfates act as powerful oxidants and polymerization initiators


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Together with our customers, we develop innovative, resource-efficient solutions based on our biodegradable peroxides such as peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which is one of the cleanest chemicals in the world because it dissolves only in water and oxygen. Persulfates are strong oxidizing agents with excellent shelf life and are used as key components in polymer chemistry, the oil and gas industry and in hair bleaching formulations. Calcium Peroxide is used in aerobic bioremediation technologies to accelerate the rate of degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons by natural biological processes.

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Our highly qualified and experienced peroxide and persulfate experts will support you in the planning and execution of your projects, in the maintenance, conversion and reconstruction of plants and, of course, in all questions concerning safety, storage and handling of hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, persulfates, calcium peroxide, dispersions and persalts.

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