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Peroxides for a sustainable future

Whether used as antimicrobial and antibacterial agents for municipal wastewater treatment, chemical synthesis, aseptic packaging, poultry processing, cleaning and disinfection, the textile and laundry industries, or sustainable aquaculture, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid produce no toxic byproducts. Our persulfates contribute to the purification and remediation of contaminated groundwater and soils, and are used in a variety of oxidation and polymerization processes with great benefit.

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From sterile food packaging to the development of the innovative HPPO technology and the use of hydrogen peroxide to drive green rocketry, our sustainable products and processes contribute to climate protection. They help to reduce CO2 emissions by replacing fossile energy sources in production. Peroxides are inherently environmentally friendly as they do not form harmful byproducts. You can find all our product stories on our sustainability page. For tailor-made, energy-saving solutions for PFAS immobilization, we have sealed a cooperation with Intrapore.

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climate neutrality in production of peroxides

Sustainability is at the core of futurizing our business. Because our peroxides break down into only harmless chemicals found in nature, the use of our products contributes to more environmentally friendly industrial practices. And on the production end, we want to be 100% carbon neutral by 2040.

HPPO is an innovative technology that stands for the environmentally friendly and cost-efficient direct synthesis of propylene oxide. The HPPO technology is free of co-products other than water and requires fewer raw materials thanks to the use of a special catalyst from Evonik.

hydrogen peroxide solutions for environmental protection

Our hydrogen peroxide solutions have a strong oxidation power and are at the same time protective to the environment. This gives our customers added value for highly effective disinfection and bleaching applications, even in sensitive industries such as electronics and pharmaceuticals, but also in environmental applications.