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In this section you can read Evonik press releases, watch our Active Oxygens videos on YouTube, get an overview of our events or learn in detail about the effectiveness of peroxides and persulfates in soil and groundwater remediation in our webinars and case studies. Our brochures for download provide further detailed information.

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Here you will find our product, application, industry, service and engineering brochures, our product data sheets and analysis methods.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation Case Studies

Here we provide our case studies of various projects at global sites contaminated with pollutants that we have successfully treated with our products for soil and groundwater remediation.

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We are looking forward to meet you at our events.

Press releases

Evonik Press Releases

Please read here our latest news!

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Soil and Groundwater Webinars

We offer a serious of free webinars around soil and groundwater issues.

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Here you can find our videos and our playlist on YouTube.