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Active Oxygens Sustainability Video

Evonik Active Oxygens' new sustainability strategy aims to expand the beneficial handprint and reduce the environmental footprint of hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and persulfates to slash carbon emissions and increase resource efficiency. The goal is to achieve climate neutrality in all production processes by 2040.

Active Oxygens Safety Video

Evonik has become one of the leading providers of hydrogen peroxide worldwide over the last few decades. In doing so, they have gathered an almost unique wealth of experience in handling this environmentally friendly specialty. This is now the subject of a new safety video.

Hydrogen Peroxide Safety Training Video

Safety has always been one of Evonik's main concerns. In this video, we have summarized the safety risks associated with hydrogen peroxide, its handling and storage, in order to make our customers aware of the risks and the need for certain precautions when working with hydrogen peroxide.

Futurize Peroxide

Our global team of peroxygen chemistry experts is driven by enthusiasm in 13 worldwide locations and dedicated to creating resource-efficient and innovative oxidation solutions for today's and tomorrow's challenges.

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