Peroxides Chemistry

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Evonik offers a wide range of peroxide solutions for various industries. 

With more than 100 years of experience in peroxides chemistry, Evonik is a leading supplier of peroxide-based products such as hydrogen peroxide, calcium peroxide, peracetic acid, and persulfates across a variety of applications. 

In order to meet demand in growth markets in the best possible way, we have, for example, developed innovative HP+ technologies for the sustainable and cost-effective direct synthesis of propylene oxide based on hydrogen peroxide and of propylene glycol from propylene and hydrogen peroxide.

new hydrogen peroxide solutions with optimized storage and safe handling

Hydrogen Peroxide 

Evonik is constantly researching and producing new applications and optimizing solutions for safe and cost-effective storage and handling of hydrogen peroxide. Our customers benefit from the versatile and environmentally friendly products.

we deliver high quality peracetic acid products in concentrations from 5% to 40%.

Peracetic acid

Evonik is one of the world's leading manufacturers of peracetic acid and has developed an extensive range of high quality products that can be ordered in concentrations from 5% to 40% peracetic acid in equilibrium solution.

the Tonawanda NY persulfate plant


Persulfates are strong oxidants widely used for initiating emulsion polymerization reactions, shocking pools and spas, hair bleaching, and micro etching of copper printed circuit boards. Our persulfates are manufactured to strict specifications for thermal stability, making them the most stable on the market.

calcium peroxide for aerobic bioremediation

Calcium Peroxide

We supply food grade calcium peroxide as texturizers for baking or tooth whiteners for oral care. In soil and groundwater remediation PERMEOX® Ultra and PERMEOX® Ultra Granular are the products of choice for enhanced aerobic bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons and some non-halogenated organics due to their prolonged oxygen release properties. 

Our dispersions are antiscalants that help reduce heating costs reducing crystal growth in boilers.


Our dispersions — water soluble polyacrylic acid products marketed under the brand name DEGAPAS® — are sustainable antiscalants that interrupt organic crystal growth in water-bearing systems, heat exchangers, or boiler plants. This leads to better heat transfer, and thus energy cost savings.

persalts for laundry bleaching


Evonik Treibacher offers the full range of persalts for the bleaching requirements in modern laundry and dishwashing detergents. We offer our products with optimum stability, top functionality, and long-term effectiveness.

Hp+ Technologies

We focus on the development of innovative, direct synthesis technologies based on hydrogen peroxide. Our HPPO technology is the eco-friendly and cost-efficient direct synthesis of propylene oxide. HYPROSYN® is used to describe the process for producing the versatile propylene glycol from propylene and hydrogen peroxide.  

soil and groundwater remediation for the cleaning of contaminated soils

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Our portfolio of proven chemical oxidation, chemical reduction, metals treatment, and bioremediation technologies for soil and groundwater remediation provides rapid and cost-effective removal of a broad range of contaminants such as organic compounds and heavy metals.

the huge range of Active Oxygens' engineering services

Engineering Services

As a full service partner, we offer initial consultation and pre-acceptance, project planning and design support, construction and start-up, basic and detailed engineering. We take care of construction and installation of turnkey storage and handling systems, maintenance, modification and reconstruction of equipment, as well as safety training for your staff.

Active Oxygens' technical application services

Technical application services

Our peroxide specialists offer the full range of technical application services, e.g. feasibility studies and recommendations for the use of our products, organization and supervision of on-site treatments or plant trials, safety training for personnel, evaluation of trial results, process optimization and troubleshooting, as well as support for product approvals.

Active Oxygens' information on regulatory affairs

Regulatory Affairs

On our website, you will find information on regulatory affairs related to the European Biocides Regulation, product stewardship, the definition of Responsible Care objectives, the CEFIC Association, and the REACH Regulation.

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