remediation techniques for contaminated soil and groundwater

Field-Proven Remediation Technologies

Soil and groundwater remediation

The Evonik team provides a portfolio of field-proven technologies for soil and groundwater remediation, covering both in situ and ex situ applications. Our portfolio of chemical oxidation, chemical reduction, metals treatment and bioremediation technologies promote the rapid and cost-effective removal of a wide range of harmful contaminants in soil and groundwater. For more than 20 years, Evonik products have been used to successfully treat thousands of sites with impacted groundwater, soils, sediments and industrial process wastes around the globe.

Chemical Oxidation

The KLOZUR® persulfate portfolio includes multiple high-value, environmental-grade persulfate products used for in situ chemcal oxidation (ISCO) of contaminants in soil and groundwater including petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, PAHs and other harmful substances.

Chemical Reduction

EHC® Reagent consists of controlled-release carbon, zero-valent iron (ZVI) particles, and nutrients used for in situ treatment of groundwater and saturated soils contaminated with heavy metals and persistent organic compounds such as chlorinated solvents, pesticides, and energy sources.

EHC® Liquid is a liquid version of EHC® Reagent and is specifically designed for injection through existing wells or hydraulic injection networks to treat a wide range of groundwater contaminants.

EHC® Plus is a combination of EHC® Reagent and powdered activated carbon (PAC). This combined approach can be used for remediation of groundwater and saturated soil contaminated by persistent halogenated compounds including chlorinated solvents, pesticides, and organic explosives.

DARAMEND® is suitable for remediation in soils containing chlorinated herbicides and pesticides, organic explosives and chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs), often eliminating the need for excavation.

Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination

ELS® is a lecithin-based, food-grade carbon substrate used to enhance anaerobic bioremediation and is delivered as either a 25 percent microemulsion or a 100 percent concentrate that is cold-water soluble. 

Aerobic Bioremediation

TERRAMEND® Reagent aerobic bioremediation reagent is a cost-effective remediation technology for treating soils contaminated by organic compounds. The TERRAMEND® technology can often be used without excavation, does not produce odors or leachate, and does not cause soil bloat.

PERMEOX® Ultra is a specially formulated calcium peroxide that provides prolonged oxygen release into the geological subsurface compared to other soil remediation products, providing enhanced aerobic bioremediation. PERMEOX® Ultra contains a minimum of 18% active oxygen and is available in powder and granule form.


GEROFORM® Biogeochemical Reagents provide the building blocks needed to promote biogeochemical reactions in situ. GEOFORM® offers a source of sulfate, iron, electron donors, pH buffers and nutrients to promote mechanisms for dehalogenation through enhanced anaerobic bioremediation, abiotic degradation and the formation of reactive minerals.

Metals Treatment

METAFIX® Reagents are custom formulations of reducing agents, reactive minerals, mineral activators, catalysts and pH modifiers for cost-effective immobilization of heavy metals in soil and groundwater at even the most challenging sites. 

NAPL Stabilization | Mass Flux Reduction

The ISGS® remediation technology uses a permanganate-based solution to geochemically stabilize the aquifer, ensures that contaminants are not released into the environment, and is a cost-effective alternative to conventional stabilization with cement.

Portfolio of Proven Remediation Technologies

ISCO, ISCR, bioremediation and metal stabilization technolgies are used to treat contaminated soil.

We offer ISCO, ISCR, metal stabilization, and bioremediation technologies based on proven science and decades of results. We treat a wide range of contaminants in soil and groundwater. Our products are suitable for a variety of application methods, including fixed wells, direct push, pneumatic and hydraulic fracturing, soil mixing, and more.

Laboratory Services and Equipment Rentals

The modern equipment of our environmental laboratory allows us to conduct research, field tests and special studies on soil and groundwater contamination.

Evonik has a state-of-the-art environmental laboratory focused on R&D and customer treatability studies. We offer quantitative field test kits designed specifically for use with our products for soil and groundwater applications. In addition, we provide product mixing and handling equipment rentals and expertise.

Technical support prior to soil and groundwater remediation

We provide our customers technical support in chemistry, microbiology, geology and field applications and evaluate their data.

Evonik’s Soil and Groundwater Remediation team is comprised of experienced environmental professionals, including PEs, PhD-level scientists, and recognized subject matter experts in chemistry, microbiology, geology, and field applications. We assist with product demand estimation and remedial design support, as well as complimentary post-application data evaluation.

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