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Calcium peroxide

Evonik is a large North American calcium peroxide manufacturer and supplier, and with over 70 years of experience in peroxygens. Calcium peroxide (CaO2) is characterized by its slow release of oxygen, making it an ideal and cost-effective alternative for use across many industries.

What is calcium peroxide?

Calcium peroxide (CaO2) is a fast oxidizing agent used as a processing aid or dough conditioner in the production of yeast dough pastry. This ingredient is necessary when gluten needs to be strengthened due to less than optimal flour quality. The action of calcium peroxide ends during baking, where it decomposes at high temperatures to calcium and oxygen.

Calcium peroxide also has the following effects:

  • Enhances the water absorption of the dough
  • Strengthens gluten structure by promoting disulfide bonding between gliadins and glutenins
  • Generates a dry and elastic dough with improved handling or workability

Calcium peroxide is synthesized chemically from calcium salt and sodium peroxide.

Food Grade Calcium Peroxide

Evonik’s food grade calcium peroxide is widely used as a non-halogenated agent in the food industry. In baking, it strengthens the gluten wall in dough for better texture, moisture retention and yield. And in oral care, it works hard to make your pearly whites whiter.

PERMEOX® Ultra Powder and PERMEOX® Ultra Granular

PERMEOX® Ultra is a specially formulated grade of engineered calcium peroxide providing extended oxygen release for enhanced aerobic bioremediation compared to other soil remediation products. Containing at least 18% active oxygen, PERMEOX® Ultra is available in a powdered and granular form.

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