Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Free Webinars

As part of our commitment to the soil and groundwater remediation market, we offer a series of free webinars on YouTube which you can also download as pdf files in the right-hand section. The educational webinars, led by individuals from our experienced team of technical professionals, focus on a variety of topics on the science behind some of today's most innovative remedial treatments.

Our latest webinar from December 6, 2023

Sustainable Remediation of Vadose Zone Soils Contaminated with Recalcitrant Organics and Heavy Metals

Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration when selecting the right approach to clean up vadose zone soil.

For example, excavation, transportation, and off-site disposal at a landfill (known as "dig & dump") is significantly less sustainable than in situ or on situ remediation. Advances in soil remediation technology and application methods have enabled reliable achievement of industrial and residential remedial goals for contaminants including chlorinated pesticides, organic explosive compounds, cVOCs, and heavy metals.

In our latest webinar, Dr. Alan Seech explains how Evonik reagents can be used to remediate vadose zone soils more economically and more sustainably than the dig & dump approach. In the video, we review treatment chemistry and microbiology, present findings from bench-scale testing and full-scale projects, and introduce case studies including:

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Design and Application Considerations for Conducting Effective Reductive Remediation Projects

Presented by Evonik remediation expert Dan Leigh, this webinar will describe the basic steps used to design effective remediation projects.

We will discuss, for example, whether to start with bench testing or proceed directly to pilot testing, as well as data needs for determining how to scale up from pilot tests to full-scale remediation. Dan will also discuss various biological, chemical and biogeochemical reductive reagents and how to determine which one is right for your site.

You can watch this webinar below: