Persulfates for soil and groundwater remediation


As an all-in-one product containing KLOZUR® SP and carefully selected activator reagents, KLOZUR® ONE can be fully dissolved and prepared using a single injection system. KLOZUR® ONE simplifies and increases the convenience of delivering activated KLOZUR® persulfate in field applications.

KLOZUR® ONE builds upon the successful history of KLOZUR® SP by delivering activated persulfate chemistry more conveniently than ever before. This fully soluble product will simplify and increase the convenience of delivering KLOZUR® activated persulfate in field applications. KLOZUR® ONE’s chemistry has been tested to show effective treat many common COCs while having the necessary stability to be stored, batched, handled and transported with the same hazard classification as KLOZUR® SP. 

KLOZUR® ONE is well suited for:

  • Most common contaminants of concern in soil and groundwater
  • Source areas and plumes


  • Combined activator and KLOZUR® SP in a single product
  • Multiple activation pathways
  • Completely soluble
  • Trace permanganate provides visual indicator


  • Chlorinated ethenes
  • Petroleum hydrocarbons
  • BTEX


  • Injection through constructed wells or direct push technology (DPT) rods
  • Soil mixing or blending
  • Amended to the base or fill for an excavation


In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) is the introduction of an oxidant into the subsurface for the purpose of oxidizing contaminants in soil and groundwater. ISCO is ideal for the elimination of contaminant concentrations in source zones and hot spots.

Technical Documents

This technical bulletin presents the results of corrosion studies with persulfate and activated persulfate solutions and provides guidance on possible compatible materials. As KLOZUR® persulfate is a very strong oxidant, and its solutions may become very acidic (pH ≤2), persulfate solutions may result in a corrosive environment for many metals and materials.

Methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE) and tert-butyl alcohol (TBA) are environmental contaminants of concern that have been widely used as fuel oxygenates and octane boosters. Case studies show how activated persulfate from KLOZUR® reduces MTBE concentrations in a complex blend plume by more than 75%.

KLOZUR® sodium persulfate is a stable, highly soluble, crystalline material, which upon activation is capable of oxidizing a broad range of recalcitrant compounds. When properly handled and stored, KLOZUR® persulfate poses no serious health hazard. However, as with all oxidizing chemicals, KLOZUR® persulfate requires careful attention to all steps for safe handling.

KLOZUR® ONE Application Guides

This document provides general guidelines for product batching, injection strategies, soil mixing, and safety and handling.

KLOZUR® ONE Webinars

Dr. Brant Smith introduces KLOZUR® ONE, a new addition to our KLOZUR® product portfolio of powerful oxidants. The advantage of this product is that KLOZUR® SP and the activator are combined in KLOZUR® ONE, which simplifies the application. 

Dr. Brant Smith discusses critical elements for developing an activated KLOZUR® persulfate field application, including critical design parameters, scaling lab-scale results, and various remediation methods.

Dr. Brant Smith discusses the monitoring programs necessary for a remedial approach using KLOZUR® persulfate, as well as best practices for assessing its effectiveness.

Brianna Desjardins and Brant Smith explain the lab-scale testing that the Environmental Solutions Laboratory typically performs on us for EHC® Reagent, ELS® Microemulsion, KLOZUR® persulfate, METAFIX® Reagent, and hydrogen peroxide

Evonik’s laboratory created the KLOZUR® field test kit to provide a quick and reliable measurement of persulfate in the field.

There are two different kits available, depending on the activation method used. Each kit is capable of running ten tests and has a measurement range of 1g/L to 100g/L, with a theoretical accuracy of ±1g/L and ±2g/L respectively.

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