Persulfates for soil and groundwater remediation

METAFIX® Reagents

METAFIX® Reagents are customized formulations of reducing agents, reactive minerals, mineral activators, catalysts and pH modifiers to cost effectively address heavy metals at even the most challenging sites. METAFIX® is capable of treating comingled plumes of multiple heavy metals and chlorinated solvents.

EHC® Metals Reagent is now a part of the METAFIX® portfolio of customizable reagents, allowing us to to deliver robust solutions and provide more effective treatment of metals contaminated sites. 

Following placement of METAFIX® into the treatment zone, a number of physical and chemical processes combine to create geochemical conditions under which common heavy metals are subjected to reduction, adsorption, precipitation, and conversion to stable sulfide and iron-sulfide precipitates.

These heavy metal sulfide precipitates have greater stability than metal hydroxide precipitates that are formed with traditional metals treatment approaches based on pH adjustment. A custom METAFIX® blend is developed based on a site’s specific conditions through a low-cost treatability study to address soil and/or groundwater impacts.


  • Not dependent on alkalinity for removal of metals
  • Capability of treating comingled plumes
  • Low overall treatment costs


  • Heavy metals such as AI, Cu and Zn
  • Chlorinated solvents

Key Functions

  • Direct push injection
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic fracturing
  • Soil mixing

Technical Bulletins

METAFIX® Reagents treat dissolved metals such as arsenic by long-term sequestration as solid arsenic species via reductive precipitation and adsorption on the surfaces of iron oxides, iron
oxyhydroxides and other iron corrosion products.

We provide cost effective, lab scale, site specific testing to optimize METAFIX® formulations and recommended dosage rates to achieve soil remediation goals.

METAFIX® application guides

We offer a slurry preparation overview and guidance for injection approach for METAFIX® Reagent formulations of reducing agents, reactive minerals, mineral activators, catalysts and pH modifiers. METAFIX® is used to treat comingled plumes of numerous heavy metals and chlorinated solvents at the most challenging sites.  

METAFIX® webinars

Dr. Alan Seech presents the theory of heavy metal treatment and METAFIX® Reagents for soil and groundwater remediation. These are site specific formulations of ZVI, pH modifiers, reactive minerals, adsorbents and other reducing agents for the treatment of heavy metals.

Brianna Desjardins and Brant Smith explain the Environmental Solutions Laboratory's lab scale tests for EHC® Reagent, ELS® Microemulsion, KLOZUR® persulfate, METAFIX®, and hydrogen peroxide. These tests are needed for successful implementation of remediation technologies to evaluate potential problems and test a conceptual approach prior to a field deployment.

Treatment of heavy metals in soil and groundwater is based on their conversion from soluble to insoluble forms through promotion of precipitation, coprecipitation, and adsorption reactions. Dr. Alan Seech presents the physical, biological, and microbiological processes of METAFIX® and EHC® Reagents and outlines how the products remove soluble heavy metals, with an emphasis on chromium, arsenic, lead, and mercury, from soil and groundwater.

Evonik’s laboratory created the KLOZUR® field test kit to provide a quick and reliable measurement of persulfate in the field.

There are two different kits available, depending on the activation method used. Each kit is capable of running ten tests and has a measurement range of 1g/L to 100g/L, with a theoretical accuracy of ±1g/L and ±2g/L respectively.

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