hydrogen peroxide is a liquid compound of water and oxygen

Liquid compound of water and oxygen

Hydrogen Peroxide 

As one of the most versatile and environmentally compatible oxidizing agents, hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound used in many of the world’s most vital industries. It is a sustainable, resource efficient product and one of the cleanest chemicals available as it decomposes to yield only oxygen and water.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of hydrogen peroxide with more than 100 years of experience in peroxygen chemistry, Evonik is able to offer high quality peroxide in a broad range of concentrations and purities in our product line up that deliver exceptional value for our customers in various industries such as electronics, pulp and paper production, cleaning and disinfection, chemical synthesis, mining, agriculture, water and wastewater treatment or pharmaceuticals and health care

The versatility of hydrogen peroxide is evidenced by the variety of oxidation potentials and pH ranges in which it can act as an oxidizer. In the acid pH range, for example, uncatalyzed hydrogen peroxide is a moderate oxidizing agent but when catalyzed with iron, it becomes a powerful oxidizer. In the alkaline pH range, hydrogen peroxide can compete with hypochlorite as an oxidizer.

At Evonik, we will continue to pioneer new uses and innovative ways to safely and cost effectively store and handle hydrogen peroxide, so you can continue to have versatile, dependable and environmentally friendly chemistries to rely on.

Our broad portfolio of products is ranging from standard to specialty grades, specially developed for various applications.

Our main product brands

HYPROX® is a standard hydrogen peroxide grade and used extensively for a broad range of applications like pulp and paper, textile and waste water treatment. Furthermore, it is used in flue gas and contaminated soil (bioremediation), in the detergent and cleanser industry, for pickling of metal surfaces and also as a bleaching agent for oils, waxes, fibers and other natural products. It is formulated for high stability and long-term storage. 

PERSYNT® is a high purity hydrogen peroxide, which is optimized for food treatment, fine chemical synthesis as well as for use in the cosmetic and pharma industries. Furthermore, it is frequently used in the synthesis of organic chemicals such as epoxides, organic peroxides and amine oxides. It is lightly stabilized for applications that are sensitive to residues or precipitates. It also includes a chlorate grade formulated specially for hypochlorite control in chlorate cells and will not interfere with electrode performance. 

OXTERIL® and DUROX® are high purity, food grade hydrogen peroxide products which are especially designed for the use in the aseptic packaging industry and other food sterilization and bleaching applications.

Our OXTERIL® hydrogen peroxide grade complies with the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia 7 (ex. concentration), EN DIN 902 and the American Food Chemical Codex 7. 

DUROX® meets the high purity requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex and are designed for food uses allowed in the 21 Code of Federal Regulations.

OXTERIL® and DUROX® products are approved by a number of main packaging machine suppliers.

Our ASPERIX® Vet hydrogen peroxide grade is an effective and sustainable treatment in aquaculture and fish farming against sea lice infestation. It delivers immediate results and has a withdrawal period of zero days. Fish can be harvested immediately after treatment. No aggregation in the food chain occurs.

ASC certified farms are not limited in the number of treatments using ASPERIX® Vet.

PERTRONIC® is our electronic hydrogen peroxide grade and meets the requirements of the electronic industry. It is exceptionally pure and highly stable, and is a leading 'wet chemical' designed for the semiconductor industry.

PROPULSE® is a high concentration hydrogen peroxide grade especially developed for the aerospace industry, adhering to the most stringent specifications. It is used for monopropellant, bipropellant, and hybrid propulsion applications in space rocket launches and in various under-water marine vessels. This product is designed to meet the propulsion industry's growing need for storable, low toxicity oxidizers.

CLARMARIN® is a hydrogen peroxide grade for use in various water treatment applications under the Biocidal Product Directive.

It complies with the quality requirements of EN DIN 902 and is recommended to be used for drinking water preparation.

B-Cap® Antimicrobial Agent brand is EPA registered and may be used for biofouling control in cooling and process water systems, as a paper mill biocide and for general slime control. Some grades are registered for manufacturing and can be used in any FIFRA registered product formulation using hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient.

Super D® hydrogen peroxide is stabilized for those customers who prepare dilute hydrogen peroxide solutions requiring a long shelf life. When diluted to a 3% concentration with high quality de-ionized water, the dilution meets U.S. Pharmacopeia monograph specifications for topical solutions.

OxyPure® is used for removal of iron and hydrogen sulfide in ground water, for taste and odor control, and for destroying ozone and chlorine residuals in potable water treatment. OxyPure® hydrogen peroxide is the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) approved product for drinking water applications.

OHP® grade hydrogen peroxide is an environmentally safe grade of hydrogen peroxide especially developed for its use in OHP® wastewater treatment plants or in Fenton chemical oxidation treatment processes for reduction of COD and TOC in wastewaters. A clear, transparent and slightly viscous liquid, it is completely miscible in water in all proportions. It has been proven stable at room temperature and it does not create residue when it decomposes into water and oxygen.

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