the biocides peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide for cleaning and sanitization

Clean and hygienic environment

Cleaning and Sanitation

A clean, sanitary environment is essential to the proper functioning of any business — but no less important is a clean home. Our hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid are powerful disinfectants that leave no chemical residues on the environment and work effectively.

Home cleaning 

We offer the full range of hydrogen peroxide formulations in the required stability, with various additives and high pH for liquid detergents, bleaches, surface disinfectants, dishwashing applications, and persalt products for bleaching requirements.

Industrial cleaning

Our hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid based antimicrobial products are formulated to address the myriad disinfection and sanitization needs of institutional and industrial environments. From school bathrooms to restaurant dining rooms, our offerings encompass the disinfection chemistries, application techniques, and scientific expertise to keep things clean from top to toe.

Textile and Laundry

Detergents and disinfectants must deliver good results even in the face of difficult cleanliness requirements in laundries. That is why our hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid formulations are an important part of commercial laundry cleaning.

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