Hydrogen Peroxide for home cleaning

For a clean household

Home Cleaning

Consumer demand for household cleaners and detergents that keep the home clean and yet are not harmful to the environment and health is rising continuously. In contrast to detergents and cleaning agents with aggressive ingredients, hydrogen peroxide offers a high disinfecting power without leaving harmful by-products.

Hydrogen peroxide as bleach and cleaning agent

Even modern wastewater treatment plants have immense problems breaking down ingredients in cleaning agents that are difficult to degrade or filtering them out of the water. The chemicals that cannot be degraded end up in the environment with the wastewater. In contrast, hydrogen peroxide does not compromise the function of wastewater treatment plants, as it does not kill aquatic organisms during the biodegradation process and thus does not interfere with the functioning of wastewater treatment plants. 

We offer the full range of hydrogen peroxide formulations for liquid detergents, bleaches, surface disinfectants, and dishwashing applications. H2O2 has an anti-odor, antibacterial and antiviral effect in household cleaners, is anti-mold and non-toxic. Despite the high disinfecting power, hydrogen peroxide has practically no side effects.

The concentration depends on the respective application. Based on decades of experience and expertise in technology and production, our product range of peroxide-based active ingredients for disinfectants includes tailor-made solutions with various additives, high pH (alkaline environment) and the required stability. 

Persalts as bleaching agents

Evonik Treibacher offers a range of persalts for bleaching requirements in modern laundry and dishwashing detergents, featuring high stability, excellent performance and long-term efficiency. Bleaching agents such as perborate and percarbonate help against stains caused by tea, coffee, vegetables, or fruit. The percarbonate bleaching agent is the main ingredient in most commercial stain salts.

When dissolved, these peroxygen-containing products release hydrogen peroxide, which develops its bleaching effect directly at higher washing temperatures or in combination with activators at lower temperatures via the formation of singlet oxygen. The stains, which have been chemically altered by oxidation, can then be more easily removed from the fiber by using surfactants.

Our products for home cleaning

HYPROX® is our standard grade of hydrogen peroxide, which is a colorsafe laundry bleach that is gentle on the mechanical fibers of the laundry.

Perborates are genuine peroxygen compounds and are used in detergents in regions with high humidity and strong temperature differences due to their high stability. They are particularly suitable for all-purpose detergents.

With the further development of our coating process, stabilized percarbonate meets all the chemical-physical properties of a sustainable product. It features excellent pourability, storage stability, shelf life and bulk density, making it ideally suited for use in compact detergents. Percarbonate is multifunctional and contains soda ash in addition to oxidizing hydrogen peroxide. This significantly reduces the separate formulation of soda ash, which is already inherent in percarbonate and contributes to the alkalinity of the wash solution enhancing the cleaning effect.

percarbonate is suitable for home cleaning, preserving the natural whiteness of the laundry

Percarbonate protects against graying of laundry due to lime deposits, is also effective against stubborn stains such as coffee, tea, or red wine and does not pollute the environment.

The key benefits of hydrogen peroxide and persalts in home cleaning

Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Strong cleaning power even in comparison with chemical cleaning agents
  • Color fastness of the laundry is preserved
  • Fights bacteria and germs effectively and gently
  • Effective against mold
  • Easily biodegradable


  • Environmentally friendly stain bleaching in detergents and dishwashing products
  • Good solubility and stability
  • Long lasting cleaning power retention in the washing powder
  • Killing bacteria, fungal spores and germs
  • Cost-efficient

Sustainability aspects in home cleaning

sustainable home cleaning through use of hydrogen peroxide and persalts

Environmentally conscious cleaning in the household is important if just to keep water, air, and the environment clean and to avoid harming the health of people, plants, and animals with aggressive cleaning agents. Persalts and hydrogen peroxide enable hygienic cleaning without polluting the environment.

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