hydrogen peroxide in hair care

H2O2 in hair care

Hair bleaching, coloring and shaping

Natural hair colorations have many advantages, but also the disadvantage that the color is not as intense as hair colors that contain hydrogen peroxide. Gray coverage, white blonde, bright red or jet black tones, but also bright highlights in dark hair are best created with chemical dyes containing different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide.

Hair coloring and hair bleaching

Hydrogen peroxide is used in products intended for hair lightening and bleaching. In hair coloring, the bleaching properties of hydrogen peroxide are used to lighten the hair, which is achieved by oxidative breakdown of the brown-black melanins (the main human hair pigments). Depending on the desired final color tone, different bleaching agents are necessary.

Hydrogen peroxide in long-lasting colorants ensures that the synthetic pigments in the hair colorant can be better absorbed by the natural hair, which intensifies the color. In oxidizing creams and hair dye developers, it opens the cuticle layer through its oxidizing effect and penetrates the structure of the hair.

Persulfates are also strong oxidizing agents that are used in the cosmetics industry as hair bleach boosters.

Permanent Wave

During the perm process, portions of the amino acid cysteine are reduced with mercaptans, which leads to the destruction of the disulfide bonds. After such treatment, the reduced hair is curled and shaped into the desired form. To fix the new shape, a mild oxidation with hydrogen peroxide is performed. We will help you find the right product for your formulation. Please get in touch with us!

Product Overview

Our Super D® product is stabilized for those customers who make dilute hydrogen peroxide solutions to ensure a long shelf life. When diluted to a 3% concentration with high quality deionized water, this grade meets U.S. Pharmacopeia Monograph specifications for topical solutions. This product is excellent for preparing bleach formulations for both home, industrial and institutional use.

Our PERSYNT® hydrogen peroxide brand meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia 7 (with the exception of concentrations) as well as EN DIN 902. We offer our products in different percentages depending on the requirement for the respective application.

Ammonium, potassium, and sodium persulfates are used as oxidizing agents and as a booster for hair bleaching formulations.

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