Powerful oxidizers for the industry

Energy and Mining

Responsible mining methods and the avoidance of unnecessary water pollution help to preserve ecosystems. Hydrogen peroxide is used in the process of peroxide assisted leach (PAL) and is able to remove cyanide from process water during wastewater treatment in the mining industry. Peracetic acid products support the responsible development of shale deposits in the oil and gas sector while persulfates serve as oxidizers in oil sands processing.

Cooling Water

Industrial liquid cooling mainly uses water from natural sources. Peracetic acid solutions can be used in cooling towers, heat exchangers, and cooling water systems as a conservation agent against biofouling. It improves the performance of cooling systems in industrial plants and helps to reduce maintenance costs through higher operating efficiency.

hydrogen peroxide as oxidizing agent and cyanide remover in mining


In gold mining, hydrogen peroxide increases oxygen availability in the ore, enabling deeper leaching. In uranium mining,  H2O2 in combination with trivalent iron compounds causes a higher oxidation level. In most mines, hydrogen peroxide is also used for wastewater treatment to remove cyanides from the process water.

peracetic acid and persulfates as oxidizing agents in the oil and gas industry

Oil and Gas

Peracetic acid acts in water treatment during hydraulic fracturing without contaminating groundwater and drinking water sources. VIGOROX®, our peracetic acid-based biocide, improves the performance of other chemicals by killing bacteria in fracking water. Persulfates serve as economical and powerful oxidizers used to process oil sands and enhance oil recovery.

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