Evonik supplies ASPERIX® Vet Hydrogen Peroxide and VigorOx Peracetic Acid specifically developed for the Aquaculture Industry.

ASPERIX® Vet is an effective and sustainable treatment against sea lice infestation in fish farming. The high-purity hydrogen peroxide grade is produced according to GMP standards and is a prescription-only licensed veterinary medicine.

It delivers immediate results and has a withdrawal period of zero days. Fish can be harvested immediately after treatment. No aggregation in the food chain occurs.

After treatment hydrogen peroxide eventually decomposes into water and oxygen only and therefore is ecologically benign and considered safe for the environment.

VigorOx® Peracetic Acid Disinfection for Aquaculture and Seafood Processing Equipment

Peracetic Acid is a highly effective biocide capable of treating a wide range of pathogens that are of a concern in recirculating aquaculture systems and on processing equipment. Improve yield and reduce contamination throughout your processes. Peracetic acid rapidly breaks down to water, oxygen and vinegar, having very little impact on the environment.

Our biocides are strong and versatile enough for the unique demands of seafood processing and packaging plants, while at the same time remain gentle on the environment. The easy to use environmentally friendly chemistries ensure that seafood remains safe every step of the way.

Evonik is constantly developing the applications of its products in aquaculture

Whether it is water treatment, oxygenation or special disinfection and disease control, Evonik is conducting a couple of specific projects for aquaculture applications. Our hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid products have the potential to create value for the fish and seafood farmers by improving the growth conditions in a sustainable and environmental benign way.
Please ask our experts, whether we already have a solution for your specific request. Or you might want to partner up with us to develop a special solution.



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