Case Studies


TERRAMEND® aerobic bioremediation reagent is an effective, safe and cost-efficient superior biological treatment for soils and sediments contaminated by recalcitrant organic compounds. Our case studies illustrate in situ and ex situ treatment with TERRAMEND® at a variety of different sites.

TERRAMEND® Reagent was used to remediate approximately 10,500 cubic meters of soil contaminated with diesel hydrocarbons at concentrations ranging from 500 mg/kg to 3,000 mg/kg.

Approximately 4,000 tons of soil contaminated with hydraulic oil and diesel fuel at a former manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Ontario, was effectively treated ex situ with TERRAMEND® Reagent.

TERRAMEND® was used to treat soil contaminated with 40,000 liters of crude oil along a remote highway section north of Perth, Australia. The remediated soil was subsequently used for the remediation of a gravel pit.

Soils contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and pentachlorophenol were treated in situ and ex situ as part of an independent study for the US EPA Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) program. TERRAMEND® Reagent facilitated the removal of all target compounds in the soil at the Domtar Wood Preserving site.