hydrogen peroxide oxidizing agent packaging
Types of hydrogen peroxide packaging

Hydrogen peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is delivered in small to large containers. For consumers of large quantities, the installation of a storage tank is recommended. In this section you will find the common forms of packaging for hydrogen peroxide.

  • Jerry Cans: 30 kg
  • Plastic canisters: 60 liters with content of 65 kg
  • Plastic drums: 200 liters / 220 kg, or 55 gallons / 500 lbs
  • IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) 1000-1150 kg
  • 2.5-t and 5-t containers for rail or road transport
  • Road tanker, capacity about 25 tons
  • Railroad car, capacity 28-68 tons
  • Overseas ISO container, capacity 15-20 tons

For further information, availability of desired grades and peroxide hydrogen packaging systems please reach out to your local hydrogen peroxide expert.

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