Evonik is part of the Responsible Care® initiative.
Evonik is part of the Responsible Care® initiative.

We go beyond standard requirements

Responsible Care® Initiative

With the Responsible Care® initiative, companies in the chemical industry worldwide have undertaken to continually improve their performance and services.

Beyond the statutory requirements, we and other chemical companies see our duty in the continual improvement of environmental protection, health, plant safety, product responsibility and public dialogue.

We can only earn confidence by setting challenging goals for Responsible Care®.

Achieving these targets lies in all our interests, because only an efficient, responsible and credible chemical industry can secure its own existence and that of others. Evonik wants to earn your confidence - worldwide.

Multiple uses for Active Oxygens chemicals are known and in the future additional ones will be developed, too. However, Evonik does not endorse any applications in the human health sector. We want to express a warning against such use of any type of active oxygen compound, and in particular the use of any grade of hydrogen peroxide in ”Hyper-oxygenation therapy.”

Evonik is not aware that there is any proof that either the product or the therapy has any medicinal value in treating chronic illnesses, including cancer, AIDS and tumors. Use of the product in this manner has caused death and serious injury. Consequently, we do not support any activity concerning the use of hydrogen peroxide or other active oxygen product for injection or internal consumption in the body. For those reasons regulation administrations express also their warning, e.g. the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement concerning medical use of hydrogen peroxide.

Evonik recognizes that hydrogen peroxide (including 3% hydrogen peroxide) is effective for a number of consumer applications when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s use instructions and product safety information.

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