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Wastewater treatment with peracetic acid

We understand the need to disinfect wastewater with treatment chemicals that address the concerns associated chlorination – safety, toxicity, by-product formation and cost. That’s why we’ve developed VIGOROX® WWT II wastewater disinfection technology, the environmentally responsible and economically minded alternative disinfectant to chlorine and UV disinfection.

VIGOROX® WWT II, a formulation containing 15% peracetic acid and 23% hydrogen peroxide, represents an innovative solution in industrial wastewater treatment.

We have recently worked with the Standard Methods Organization for the examination of water and wastewater and other industry professionals to develop a method for the analysis of peracetic acid (PAA) residuals. This PAA-specific method will enable wastewater professionals to accurately measure residuals in a plant’s outflow to meet their National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit. Method 4500-PAA is now available for use and can be found at