Digital technology and raw material recycling


Digital technologies that require valuable raw materials have initiated a profound process of change in modern society, which still offers a lot of potential for a sustainable handling of the resource situation in production processes. Hydrogen peroxide contributes on the one hand to the application of innovative technologies such as semiconductor manufacturing and the generation of solar power with nanosilicon, and on the other hand enables the recovery of valuable raw materials as in the recycling of batteries.

recycling of lithium-ion-batteries with hydrogen peroxide

Battery Recycling

The global market for lithium-ion batteries, which are widely used in electric-powered vehicles, PCs, tablets and cell phones, is growing rapidly. Hydrogen peroxide is added to the leaching process of LiB recycling technology and helps recover the valuable and rare metals lithium and cobalt.

Wasserstoffperoxid als Ätz- und Oxidationsmittel in der Halbleiterindustrie

Semiconductor Manufacturing

PERTRONIC® hydrogen peroxide meets the stringent purity and stability requirements of the electronics industry. Therefore, it is well suited as an oxidizing agent for critical wafer cleaning and surface conditioning in transistor or copper formation. As an etchant, the product is used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

Solarzellenproduktion mit Wasserstoffperoxid zur Herausätzung von Nanopartikeln aus kristallinem Silizium

Solar Panel Manufacturing

In order to be able to use light waves from the energy-rich ultraviolet range to generate electricity, nanoparticles of silicon are applied to the solar modules. Hydrogen peroxide is used to dissolve the nanoparticles out of the crystalline silicon so that the nanolayer can be coated onto the solar module after evaporation of the alcohol.

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