Hygiene in the health sector

Pharma and Health Care

To protect health, consistent hygiene is required which can prevent the transmission of pathogens to humans and the environment. Disinfection of hands, wounds, and equipment in care facilities, doctors' offices, and in the medical sector are particularly important. Our hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid grades are used here specifically to protect against infections.


We offer hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid as disinfectants and sterilants for medical devices, surfaces, and rooms to control microbiological risks. Our specially developed products PERSYNT® Steri and PERACLEAN® Steri meet the requirements of EN ISO 13485 for the manufacture of medical devices.

Human Use and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our hydrogen peroxide grade PERSYNT® is approved in accordance with the applicable GMP guideline as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for the use on humans. The product is applied for medical treatments and as a disinfectant in the wound and dental care.

Pharmaceutical Excipients

Pharmaceutical excipients are inactive substances that are added to a medication to help with the manufacturing process, stability, and delivery of the active ingredient.

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