Clean air, soil and water

Environment and Water

The environmentally friendly treatment of drinking water, process water, wastewater, groundwater remediation, and the removal of pollutants from the soil and air are important topics in the sustainability debate. Against this background of safeguarding natural resources, our sustainable peroxides, which are used to fight contaminants and recover valuable raw materials, make an important contribution to environmental protection.

air purification with hydrogen peroxide

Air purification

Hydrogen peroxide improves air quality in industrial plants by reducing air pollutants such as mercaptans, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. This allows harmful pollutant emissions to be reduced and limit values under the EU 2020 Directive to be better complied with.

recycling processes with hydrogen peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is applied in recycling processes of paper, recovery of valuable materials such as gold, platinum, copper and rare earths from e-waste, computers, cell phones, solar panels and lithium-ion batteries as an environmentally friendly oxidizing agent.

soil and groundwater remediatin using persulfates

Soil and groundwater remediation

With our portfolio of proven soil and groundwater remediation technologies and products, we treat contaminants such as phenols, pesticides, PCB's, herbicides, or heavy metals that contaminate drinking water and soils and thus endanger the ecosystem.

Wasserrecycling mit Peressigsäure und Wasserstoffperoxid

Water recycling

To reduce wastewater and cut energy costs, industry is increasingly turning to sustainable solutions for water recycling. Biocides such as peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide develop their antimicrobial effect in recycled water and are also used to combat bad odors.

wastewater treatment with hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid

Wastewater Treatment

An economical and environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine and UV disinfection of wastewater is the use of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid, whose strong oxidizing power fights algae, iron, manganese and other dissolved organic and inorganic substances in wastewater.

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