stable peracetic acid products can be stored without notable loss of content for a longer time period
Stability and decomposition of peracetic acid

Peracetic acid

Stability and Decomposition

Evonik's peracetic acid products are sufficiently stabilized. If stored properly, they can be kept for an extended period of time without notable loss of content.

However, if diluted with tap or other water, the stable commercial peracetic acid products will hydrolize and decompose rapidly. Decomposition will be accelerated by higher temperatures and impurities, especially by heavy metals such as iron, copper and manganese.

It is, therefore, advisable to store peracetic acid under cool conditions and, if dilution is necessary, to dilute it with appropriate water only immediately before the application. During decomposition oxygen gas is formed. Often this reaction is responsible for the loss in content of insufficiently stabilized peracetic acid.

The hydrolysis of peracetic acid occurs whenever peracetic acid solutions are diluted. Acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide are the products of this hydrolysis. With any dilution of commercially available peracetic acid, a new equilibrium between peracetic acid, acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and water will be established. Those products are neither storable nor transportable.

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