Storage conditions for peracetic acid

Peracetic Acid


Peracetic acid (PAA) must be stored in its original containers in an upright position on an acid proof ground. PAA should only be dosed from the original packaging.

Storage conditions for peracetic acid

Storage conditions require areas with good ventilation, cool temperatures <30 °C and protection from direct sunlight. Any contamination, especially with metal ions, alkalis and reducing agents must be avoided. Keep peracetic acid products away from sources of heat and ignition. 

Packages are equipped with venting devices to avoid overpressure. Do not cover closures to allow venting. All containers should be checked regularly. The service life of plastic containers with high strength peracetic acid is limited to 12 months. 

Applicable storage regulations for each country must be followed (for example, BGV B4 in Germany, CPR 3E in the Netherlands or HSE CS21 in the UK).

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