Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and peracetic acid for aseptic packaging

Aseptic Packaging

Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid for the food & beverage industry 

Aseptic packaging is used to protect food and beverages all along the supply chain. It guarantees a high quality of the packed food stuff combined with a long shelf life. As consumer demand grows for preservative-free ‘natural’ beverages and for products with additional benefits, nowadays a vast variety of food and beverage products are aseptically packaged in cartons, pouches, cups or bottles. Aseptic packaging utilizes hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid for the sterilization of the packaging material and machines and enables the introduction of gently bottled beverages without additional thermal stress or added preservatives. The focus is on slightly acidic to neutral pH food and beverage products with rising hygienic requirements, such as dairy products and juices.

Evonik is a trusted partner to the aseptic packaging industry, supplying OXTERIL® and PERACLEAN® products with superior quality and outstanding technical service, specially designed for the use in state-of-the-art aseptic packaging technologuies. Our conitnous product innovation in close cooperation with our custeroms and leading aseptic machine manufacturers allows us to provide technology tailored cutting-edge products in order to accompany today's market trends and meet industry requirements.

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Guide to hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid

The Modern Chemist’s Guide to Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid

To meet the requirements of the packaging machine manufacturers, Evonik has developed and supplies specialty hydrogen peroxide grades. 

  • OXTERIL® Bath and OXTERIL® Spray

Tailor made hydrogen peroxide grades for the individual immersion-bath or spray process with regards to
product stability, residues and packaging line effectiveness.

  • OXTERIL® Combi

Specially designed hydrogen peroxide grade for customers who run both immersion bath and spraying machines.

  • OXTERIL® Spray S

High performance product characterized by extremely low evaporation residues, increased machine running
times and reduced cleaning efforts. Therefore, this grade is especially suitable for dry disinfection processes.

The stabilizer content in OXTERIL® 350 Spray S has been reduced to a miniimum in order to meet the stringent requirements of the latest generation of high throughput packaging machines.

Evonik's OXTERIL® products are approved and recommended by many leading machinery manufacturers
and enjoy a wide acceptance by well-known food manufacturers.

For further information about our hydrogen peroxide grades or formulations please contact us directly.


PERACLEAN® products have proven highly effective for applications in the food industry over years. In the PERACLEAN® line Evonik provides products with a wide range of peracetic acid concentrations. A particular feature of peracetic acid is its very broad spectrum of anti-microbial effects, its fast reaction and its excellent effectiveness at low temperatures. PERACLEAN® does not form any chlorinated compounds. If discharged into an effluent stream, it rapidly decomposes into water, oxygen and acetic acid, which is readily biodegradable. 
In its PERACLEAN® line Evonik provides products with a wide range of peracetic acid concentrations. PERACLEAN® products have proven highly effective for applications in the food and beverage industry over years.

Today, many types of beverages are packaged in plastic bottles made from PET or HDPE. Products like juices, soft drinks, tea, mineral water and milk require perfect hygienic conditions during the packaging process to guarantee a long shelf life. The most common process is cold aseptic packaging. It includes sterilising of the packaging material with peracetic acid solutions or vapour in the rinsing step of the bottle filling line. For the rinse method as well as for the vapour method Evonik offers PERACLEAN® peracetic acid grades.

PERACLEAN® is also used in the food and beverage industry for disinfecting apparatuses, equipment, surfaces, containers, tanks, pipes, glass and plastic bottles. In this context its use usually constitutes part of the cleaning process. The surfaces to be treated are normally pre-cleaned and rinsed, before being disinfected.

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