Drip irrigation in agriculture

Plant and Animal Health


Evonik offers peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide developed specifically for agricultural applications, such as disinfection of drip irrigation systems for open fields and greenhouses, hygiene in animal housing, treatment of post-harvest washing water, and sustainable aquaculture solutions.

peracetic acid for hygienic conditions in animal housing

Animal Hygiene

Hygienic conditions in poultry, swine, and dairy housing, including equipment disinfection, contribute to animal health by controlling diseases caused by viruses, parasites, and bacteria. This also includes the treatment of animal drinking water and water systems to prevent bacterial growth.

hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid for smart aquaculture solutions


We offer smart aquaculture solutions based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid for healthy fish and seafood in the face of increasing global demand. In addition to water quality management through the control of pathogens, peroxides are also used for disinfection of aquaculture processing equipment.

peroxides for the disinfection of drip irrigation systems

Drip irrigation 

Peroxides successfully remove slime and algae from drip irrigation systems for crops and vegetables, orchards with trees and shrubs, and protected crops in greenhouses. Our products are suitable for both open fields and greenhouses with and without planting,  preventing the growth of biofilm in pipes, reducing blockages and prolonging the life of nozzles. 

peracetic acid for the disinfection of washing water for fruits and vegetables

Washing Water in post-harvesting

Peracetic acid is particularly suitable for disinfection and recycling of washing water in post-harvest processes of fruits and vegetables. This not only ensures longer shelf life, biosecurity, and healthier food from the field, but also reduces crop spoilage without leaving harmful residues in the food chain.

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