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100 years of experience

Peroxides chemistry

Evonik offers a wide range of peroxide-based products and solutions for various industries. With more than 100 years of experience in peroxides chemistry, Evonik is a leading supplier of peroxide-based products such as hydrogen peroxide across a variety of applications - ranging from traditional industry fields such as pulp and paper, textile or chemical manufacturing to special applications in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, health care, cosmetics and semiconductors, and even in the aerospace industry.

hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide 

Evonik is constantly researching and producing new applications and optimizing solutions for safe and cost-effective storage and handling of hydrogen peroxide. Our customers benefit from the versatile and environmentally friendly products.

peracetic acid

Peracetic acid

Evonik is one of the world's leading manufacturers of peracetic acid and has developed an extensive range of high-quality products that can be ordered in concentrations from 5% to 40% peracetic acid in equilibrium solution.

direct synthesis technologies based on hydrogen peroxide

Hp+ Technologies

We focus on the development of innovative, direct synthesis technologies based on hydrogen peroxide. Our HPPO technology is the eco-friendly and cost-efficient direct synthesis of propylene oxide. HYPROSYN® is the term used to describe the process for producing the versatile propylene glycol from propylene and hydrogen peroxide.  

Tonawanda NY persulfate plant


Persulfates are strong oxidants that are widely used for initiating emulsion polymerization reactions, shocking pools and spas, hair bleaching, and micro etching of copper printed circuit boards. Our persulfates are manufactured to strict specifications for thermal stability, making them the most stable on the market.

persulfates soil and groundwater remediation

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Our portfolio of proven chemical oxidation, chemical reduction, metals treatment, and bioremediation technologies for soil and groundwater remediation provides rapid and cost-effective removal of a broad range of organic compounds and heavy metals.